Virginia Main Street Upgrade


The Virginia Main Street Upgrade Project will improve the town’s main street to create a welcoming space for locals, businesses and visitors to Virginia. The project area is Old Port Wakefield Road, roughly between the Virginia Oval entrance and Sheedy/Penfield Roads intersection.

There has been longstanding community and business concern for the safety, appearance and useability of the main street.  The upgrade will improve the appearance and function of the street and address issues associated with footpaths and drainage infrastructure.

Community input is a vital part of the project and Council will start talking to the community in August 2019.  Feedback and ideas will help guide the design of the street and inform the creation of a detailed concept plan.

Upgrades works will include undergrounding of the over the overhead power lines, improvement of main street drainage, new footpaths and removal and replacement of the existing street trees. Depending on community feedback, additional upgrade features might include:

  • Safer road crossings/improved parking
  • New landscaping
  • New street furniture, e.g. seating and bins
  • Directional signage
  • Public art
  • Entry statements
  • Cycling infrastructure

Input will also be sought about the redevelopment of Institute Park into a recreation area.

The project will not deal with how the road functions (speed limit, number of lanes); issues outside the project area or properties within private ownership.   

The existing bottle trees are unsuitable for the main street and will need to be removed. However, these trees generally fare well with being relocated, if they are in good health.  As part of the engagement process, we want to hear from the community about their ideas for the future of the trees.

The first phase of this project is consultation with the community to inform the design of the street which will commence in August 2019.  The entire upgrade is likely to be staged over a period of time.  A high level timeline is provided below and will be refined and updated as the project progresses:

  • August 2019-January 2020: Community engagement and concept planning
  • January 2020 - June 2020: Undergrounding of power lines by SA Power Network; Detailed design and engineering
  • July 2020 onwards: Street upgrade construction works (subject to funding and may be undertaken in stages)

The cost of the entire streetscape works and development of Institute Park is estimated to be around $5.6 million.  This estimate will be refined as the project progresses and designs are refined.  Council has demonstrated its commitment to the delivery of the project with an allocation of initial funding ($1.6M) but more funds are needed and external funding opportunities are being explored.

The undergrounding of the power lines is an additional cost.  The undergrounding received approval from the Power Line Environment Committee (PLEC) in late June 2019.  The cost of the undergrounding is $2.6M.  PLEC will fund two thirds of this cost and Council will fund one third.  SA Power Network will lead these works and more information will be provided as it becomes available

The upgrade involves collaboration with external agencies, especially the Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure (DPTI) who own the road and SA Power Network (SAPN) who own the power network and will lead the undergrounding of power lines.

Upgrading the main street is a major project and some disruption is to be expected during construction phases.  Information about disruptions will be communicated directly to affected properties and the wider community at the commencement of the construction phase.  Every effort will be made to keep disruptions and inconveniences to a minimum.

SA Power Network will be leading the undergrounding of the power lines.  A Frequently Asked Questions will be developed for the undergrounding works when more information becomes available.

Engagement with the community will start in August 2019.  Information about how to get involved will be made available via a mail out, notices in the Bunyip and Echo, Council’s social media platforms and through Council’s Engagement Hub

Engagement Hub is the easiest way to keep in touch with the project progress.   Register on the Hub to receive notifications about project updates.

Day-to-day matters can be lodged through Council’s website - click Online Services / New Request or contact Council’s Customer Service team.

Alternatively, you can contact Council’s Customer Service team:

  • Phone: 8256 0333
  • Email:
  • Visit: Playford Civic Centre at 10 Playford Boulevard, Elizabeth

Council will work closely with SA Power Network (SAPN) who will manage this project.  As soon as we have more information we will share it with affected property owners and the wider community. 

Works will occur sometime between January and June 2020.