Virginia Main Street Upgrade

Project Overview

The Virginia Main Street Upgrade Project will improve the town’s main street to create a welcoming space for locals, businesses and visitors to Virginia. The project area is Old Port Wakefield Road, roughly between the Virginia Oval entrance and Sheedy/Penfield Roads intersection and includes the Virginia Insitute Park.

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  • Community engagement and concept development

    August 2019 - January 2020

  • Undergrounding of power lines by SA Power Network

    Sometime between January and June 2020

  • Detailed design and engineering

    January 2020 - June 2020

  • Street upgrade works by Council

    After July 2020 - subject to funding and may be staged

The Virginia Main Street upgrade will improve the footpaths and addressing the ponding of water on the street and seeks to create a safer and welcoming environment for the community.

The upgrade project will serve a growing local population and support main street businesses as a key service hub in the region. 

The upgrade project responds to the directions identified in the 'Virginia Blueprint' - and urban design framework that was finalised in 2010.  This work was informed by feedback from the local Virginia community and identified the upgrade of the main street as a key project to "enhance the town cetnre as the central meeting place for shopping, services, and socialising". 

The undergrounding of the overhead power lines were recognised as a signficant element of the street upgrade and the development of the Virgina Institute Park was identified as another key project with an aim to "revitalise the park as a central space for community activities and outdoor recreation that attracts people of all ages and adds to main street activity and town character".

Access the Virginia Blueprint here:



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