Value Adding (Virginia) - Development Plan Amendment (DPA)


The area affected by the DPA is located on Angle Vale Road, Virginia, approximately 3.5 kilometres east of Virginia and 3.8 kilometres west of Angle Vale. A map is on this page for reference.

A substantial expansion is proposed at the potato and onion processing plant at the corner of Angle Vale Road and Johns Road Virginia. Without changing planning policies for the Primary Production Zone it may not be possible to get approval to develop the facility.

The expansion of the potato and onion processing plant will increase demand for potatoes and onions from growers in the area and the region. This is anticipated to create additional employment. Enabling the plant to expand in this locality is likely to secure its long term future in this locality which will provide ongoing benefits.

The policy changes would provide the opportunity to apply for development of the processing plant without major impediments, provided that reasonable standards are met. The policies will recognise the type of development already on the site as being envisaged / suited in the area.

The plant handles produce from growers in the area and therefore provides a useful service in close proximity. The site has good access to major transport routes for collection and distribution by large commercial vehicles.

A significant range of investigations have been undertaken as a part of the preparation of this DPA including traffic and access management, flood and stormwater water management and infrastructure availability. Further details are on the DPA information flyer. Full details are in the DPA consultation document.

The Primary Production Zone is intended for the development of a wide range of primary production / farming activities. In particular the zone is intended for open rural area, horticulture, glasshouses, vineyard, orchards and pasture. The zone also encourages commercial activities such as packing sheds, cold storage and small scale processing facilities. Changes to the zone policies are required to enable larger scale processing facilities such as those proposed.

The proposed expansion of the processing plant is intended to also improve the parking and circulation of commercial vehicles that come and go from the site.

It is likely that the expansion of the processing plant will introduce more sustainable use of water and energy efficient technologies.

The DPA is being privately funded by the Mitolo Group. This is being undertaken in accordance with a Council policy called the ‘Non-government funded DPA policy’ which enables private funding of DPAs under limited circumstances. The policy makes it clear that Council and the Minister for Planning are the decision-making authorities for the DPA and are free to make decisions having regard to the Development Act 1993 without undue influence from the developer. The private funding of the zoning is appropriate and warranted given that the zoning relates primarily to land owned by the Mitolo Group.

A Development Plan is the document which includes the policies or rules that guide the types of land-uses or activities that may be approved and developed in an area. The Development Plan applies to all land within the Council area and includes zones which describe the range of development that can take place in different localities throughout the Council district.

A Development Plan Amendment is a document which includes proposals to change the Development Plan zoning of land, usually so that different land uses can take place on the land. The changes are sometimes called ‘rezoning’ of land. The DPA explains the changes that are proposed including the investigations that have been undertaken. It includes maps and text together with the actual changes that are proposed to be included in Council’s Development Plan.

The consultation period will commence 26 September and will be open for 8 weeks until 5pm on 22 November 2019.

Please call and ask to speak to Paul Johnson, Policy Planner Specialist, on 8256 0333.