Value Adding (Virginia) - Development Plan Amendment (DPA)

Project Overview

The Value Adding (Virginia) DPA proposes a new policy area at the corner of Johns Road and Angle Vale Road, Virginia within the current Primary Production Zone. The policy area is intended to enable the development of large scale value-adding of an industrial / commercial nature. The policy changes are intended to facilitate a major expansion of the existing potato and onion processing plant and related facilities on the site. The expansion of the processing facility is expected to support an increase in production of potatoes and onions and employment in the region.

  • Statement of Intent

    Approved by Council and agreed by Minister for Planning

  • Draft DPA for Consultation

    Council approves DPA to go out for consultation with the community in September's Strategic Planning Committee.

  • Public Consultation

    Your input on the DPA is invited between 26 September and 22 November 2019. The consultation will close at 5pm 22 November 2019. Chat Stations at the Virginia Institute on 24 and 31st of October are also in place.

  • Public Hearing

    A public hearing will be held on 10 December 2019 at 7pm at the Playford Civic Centre 10 Playford Boulevard, Elizabeth at which time interested persons may be heard in relation to the DPA and the submissions. 

  • Council & Minister Consideration

    Consideration to be given by Council to all submissions and whether to approve the DPA.

The Value Adding (Virginia) DPA proposes to establish a special area within the Primary Production Zone in Virginia to help enable the expansion of the existing Mitolo Group potato and onion processing plant on the site.

The current Primary Production Zoning of the extensive horticultural areas in Virginia and Angle Vale particularly encourages field cropping such as carrots, potatoes and onions as well as glass/greenhouses vineyards, orchards and pasture. However, the policies for the zone also encourage some industrial and commercial activities such as packing sheds, cold storage facilities and small scale processing facilities. 

The policies within the zone make it difficult to approve a large industrial scale plant of the nature as proposed by the Mitolo Group. The development is to be an expansion of the existing processing, packing, distribution and administration facilities and to cost in the order of $50 million. The current Virginia facility processes 150,000 tonnes of potatoes and 40,000 tonnes of onions annually. It is expected the redeveloped/upgraded facility will process 200,000 tonnes of potatoes and 55,000 tonnes of onions annually in the future.

Most importantly, this is expected to have benefits to the area and region because there will be demand for additional potatoes and onions to be sourced from suppliers, with additional employment at the processing plant and suppliers to the plant.

The DPA will include policies to help enable a range of activities in association with the processing plant that are desirable or essential to effectively conduct a business of this nature such as office facilities, on-site energy generation (e.g. solar panels), store/warehousing, handling/distribution and a small shop for sale of primary produce

The policy changes will apply to land within an area of approximately 11 hectares located at the corner of Angle Vale Road and Johns Road, Virginia (refer to map below).



What are the likely advantages of proceeding with this DPA?

  • Securing the long term future of the facility in the Virginia area within the City of Playford.
  • Substantial increase in processing of potatoes and onions with consequent increases in employment.
  • Significant reorganisation and improvement of truck movements and parking arrangements.
  • Introduction of more sustainable water and energy efficient technologies. 


What investigations have been undertaken? 

A significant range of investigations have been undertaken as a part of the preparation of this DPA including traffic and access management, flood and stormwater water management and infrastructure availability.

These investigations did not identify issues or concerns that would preclude development of the type envisaged by the new policies. Policies have been included within the DPA where necessary to deal with matters raised by the investigations, for example: 

  • Requiring the minimisation of stormwater discharge from the site, related to the lack of stormwater infrastructure to convey discharge.
  • Restricting access to and from Robinson Road to the area to low volumes of non-commercial vehicles, as the road is unconstructed.

Traffic and Access investigations indicate that although Angle Vale Road and Johns Road are generally satisfactory for the level/volume of development envisaged by the policies in the DPA, there may be a need for upgrading of the intersection of Angle Vale Road and Johns Road dependent on the precise requirements of the development that takes place in the area. This can be managed when the detailed development application is considered and the intersection is a DPTI responsibility.