Proposed Road Closure: Un-made Road (Parachilna Road), Gould Creek

Project Overview

The City of Playford proposes to permanently close Un-made Road (Parachilna Road) located in Gould Creek, which will be merged with adjoining land and retained by Council as an undeveloped reserve.

Council is currently proposing the permanent closure of a portion of Un-made Road (Parachilna Road) located at Gould Creek. 

In accordance with the Roads (Opening and Closing) Act 1991, the City of Playford proposes to make a Road Process Order to close Un-made Road (Parachilna Road), Gould Creek. The road to be closed is marked as ‘A’ on the Preliminary Plan 20/0019, also available under the Document Library. 

The reason for this proposal is that the City of Playford was advised by City of Salisbury that they propose to close a portion of Un-made Road (Parachilna Road), Salisbury Heights to accommodate a new residential development off Coomurra Drive. The Un-made Road runs from the City of Salisbury into the City of Playford and ends at the boundary of a private property. The closing of City of Salisbury’s portion of Un-made Road will leave City of Playford’s portion land locked. 

Regardless of City of Salisbury's intentions for thier portion of the un-made road in question, City of Playford’s portion of the Un-made Road cannot be developed into a road due to the steep terrain and the close proximity of the Little Para River. The reason City of Playford is pursuing this closure is only to avoid having a portion of un-made road that is land locked - there will be no physical change to this land.

It is proposed that the portion of un-made road to be closed marked ‘A’ on the plan, is to be merged with adjoining land described as Allotment 7 in Deposited Plan 106070 in Certificate of Title Volume 5740 Folio 786 which will be retained by Council as an undeveloped reserve.  

Reserves in this area that lead to the Un-made Road form part of a significant biodiversity corridor along the Little Para River which has received extensive investment from Council over the years. The retention and incorporation of this parcel into Council’s reserve system is imperative for the continued positive management of biodiversity in this region. 

Any person is entitled to object to the proposal, or any person affected by the closure is entitled to apply for an easement to be granted in that person’s favour over the land subject to the proposed closure. Such objections and applications must set out the full name and address of the person making the objection/application and must be fully supported by reasons. An application for easement must give full particulars of the nature and location of the easement. 

The Government Gazette Notice is available on the Roads opening and closing proposals website here

All objections or application for easement must be in writing addressed to the Chief Executive Officer, City of Playford at 12 Bishopstone Road, Davoren Park SA 5113 with a copy of the submission also sent to the Surveyor-General at GPO Box 1354 Adelaide SA 5001.

Alternatively objections or an application for easement can be uploaded through the Engagement Hub's submission form, located on the right-hand side of the screen. Simply fill in the Community Consultation Submission Form and upload it as an attachment. 

All submissions must be received within 28 days form 2 July 2020 or they will not be valid. 

  • Public Consultation: Thursday, 2 July - Thursday, 30 July

    We are seeking all objections or applications for easement in writting between Thursday, 2 July - Thursday, 30 July. Please view 'Background Information' for further information. 

  • Close of Consultation

    Any person who makes an objection will be informed of the time and date of a Council meeting for consideration of their submission should they wish to attend. Should no submissions be recived staff will proceed with the closure under delegation.