Munno Para West - Local Area Traffic Management Study

Project Overview

As part of Council's ongoing commitment to traffic safety, the area of Munno Para West has been selected for a Local Area Traffic Managament (LATM) study. We are seeking feedback from those who live within the area to share their local experience. To have your say, just complete our online questionnaire and if interested nominate yourself to be involved as a part of our Community Reference Group.

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  • Stage 1 - Community Consultation (1st)

    LATM Questionnaire feedback and Community Reference Group (CRG) Nominations to close on Tuesday 14 April 2020.

  • Stage 2 - Development of the LATM Scheme (Draft)

    Form the LATM project team (i.e. Council/CRG members and Traffic Counsultants) in May 2020

    Investigate and develop the LATM Scheme (draft)

  • Stage 3 - Community Consultation for Draft LATM Scheme (2nd)

    Community Consultation for Draft LATM Scheme (2nd) in August 2020.

  • Stage 4 - Finalisation of LATM Scheme

    Final Notification letter for the Community in September/October 2020

As part of Council’s ongoing commitment to traffic safety, the area of Munno Para West has been selected for a Local Area Traffic Management (LATM) study.

The purpose of this study is to:

  • Identify local traffic issues
  • Assess the traffic issues of the area
  • Increase local street amenity and liveability
  • Improve traffic safety and access for all road users

The proposed study area is bounded by Andrews Road to the west, Curtis Road to the south, Stebonheath Road to the east and Chellaston Road to the north (refer to map).

To progress this LATM study we would like to hear about your local experiences and issues relating to your street and the study area. This will assist us to understand the local community's traffic concerns and create a LATM scheme.

There are a number of ways you can get involved:

  • You can either complete and return the enclosed questionnaire in the prepaid envelope provided, email a scanned copy of your completed questionnaire to or visit our Engagement Hub page at to fill out our online questionnaire.

  • Residents are also invited to participate in a Community Reference Group (CRG) in order to develop the LATM scheme together with Council. The CRG will consist of four to five community members, meeting three or four times for two hours in the evenings over the coming months. The purpose of the CRG will be for Council staff to receive direct feedback and ideas as the LATM scheme is developed. If you wish to be involved, please nominate yourself by filling out the enclosed Community Reference Group Nomination Form and return it in the prepaid envelope provided or visit our Engagement Hub page (included within the online questionnaire).

Copies of the questionnaire and CRG nomination form can also be downloaded from the Engagement Hub if required.

Depending on the number of nominations received, we will undertake a selection process to establish a diverse group that represents the community within the study area. Please note that the CRG is not a decision making body and recommendations will need to meet technical standards and be agreed by Council and the broader community before implementation.

The closing date for feedback is Tuesday 14 April 2020. Please complete one questionnaire per household. All representations will be considered by Council.

If you require additional information or would like to discuss this further please contact Council’s Traffic Team on 8256 0333 or by email