Library Hours Review


We have reviewed our hours due to the low library attendance on Sundays at the Stretton Centre Library. Presently, the Stretton Centre Library attracts 124,000 visits every year and is open across 7 days. Our Civic Centre Library is growing in attendance and has attracted 220,000 visits in the 2018/19 year and only open 6 days. To support this renewed focus and growth and align to the new projects underway in the CBD, we intend to seek community feedback on a proposal to redistribute hours from the Stretton Centre Library to the Civic Centre Library, so it operates from 6 days to 7 days per week.

Close Stretton Centre Library on Sundays and redistribute the hours to the Civic Centre Library, making the Civic Centre Library the 7 day a week branch. 

No, we are just redistributing hours from the Stretton Centre Library to the Civic Centre Library.

The change in locations will result in no service level change and no additional cost to Council. The change will allow the branch visitation to continue to grow and increase valued community utilisation.

The 7 day operation of the Civic Centre Library is intended to commence from October 2019. 

No, this will not impact any staff members at the library.

Yes, there is a returns chute located on the outside of the building.

Yes, some of these are listed below.

Parking: The opening of the Windsor Car Park in the CBD has created additional opportunities for ease of car parking of visitors for the Civic Centre Library. The first 3 hours in the car park is free, it has adequate lighting, wide spaces and is a secure place to park. Compared to parking at our Stretton Centre Library, weekend visitation of the highly utilised Town Park at Munno Para can make close parking difficult for library customers.

Computer Access: The Civic Centre Library is a much larger space for children, youth and has a much higher number of publicly available computers for use on Sundays. Wi-Fi is also available.

Online: Filling out an online survey on this project page.

In House: Leaving your written feedback at the library

Mail: ‘ATTN: Library Manager’, 12 Bishopstone Road Davoren Park SA 5113


Community consultation on this proposal will open from 5 August – close of business on 26 August 2019.

Once all feedback is consolidated and considered, a decision on the opening hours of the Library branches will be made by Council. The outcome will be communicated back to the community and made available on our Engagement Hub website –