Draft Enforcement Policy

Project Overview

Consultation for this project has now closed. The final Enforcement Policy has been endorsed by Council 25 July 2019.

You can access a copy of the Enforcement Policy on Council's website here.

Over April - May 2019, City of Playford sought community feedback on its Draft Enforcement Policy. The document in place toact as the overarching policy outlining Council's position on enforcement matters around the City. These enforcement matters can include anything from ensuring public health, development matters, and protecting the environment.

  • Policy Adopted by Council

    This policy was endorsed by Council on 25 July 2019.

  • Review of Feedback
  • Extended Consultation Period

    From 8 May to 5pm 16 May 2019, the City of Playford is inviting further feedback on the Draft Enforcement Policy. 

  • Consultation Period

    27 March - 5pm 18 April 2019

Council has endorsed this policy on 25 July 2019. A final version can be found on Council's website here.


Council is charged with legislative responsibilities which protect individuals and the community as a whole. Council’s customers include both those on whom the law places a duty and those whom the law protects. While it is ultimately the responsibility of individuals and other bodies to comply with the law, Council staff are required to carry out activities which enforce compliance.


This policy is an “umbrella” policy which outlines the City of Playford’s approach to enforcement matters and provides staff with direction about the manner in which enforcement activities are to be undertaken.


This Policy recognises that prevention of behaviours to avoid a breach of legislation is optimal; therefore education is a critical component in our roles. It is also recognised that prevention may not always be achievable, which is where encouragement and enforcement may take the lead role. This Policy aims to ensure the right balance of education, encouragement and enforcement is achieved.


In addition to setting the principles for good enforcement overall within our City, this Policy also covers our legislative requirement under Section 259 of the Local Government Act for Council to establish a policy regarding the making and issuing of Orders.


This Policy is relevant to all enforcement actions undertaken under all legislation delegated to Council and Council staff, and its authorised contractors, for and on behalf of the City of Playford.


Departmental decision making frameworks and processes are not within the scope of this document.


It is incumbent on individual teams within Council to develop appropriate decision making processes and procedures in line with this Policy and their legislative duties relevant to their area of responsibility.