Have your say on the Draft Annual Business Plan and Budget 2021/22 and Draft Long Term Financial Plan 2021/22 out for community consultation.

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2021/22 Draft Business Plans


The public consultation for the draft Annual Business Plan and Budget 2021/22 and draft Long Term Financial Plan 2021/22 has now ended. Thank you to all of those who took the time to provide their feedback.

Council adopted the 2021/22 business plans on 22 June 2021.

The Annual Business Plan outlines the services Council will deliver to the community in the next 12 months, and was developed in line with the decision-making filters and community themes outlined in the Strategic Plan 2020-24.

The City of Playford expenditure budget is $110M, most of which supports the delivery of existing services such as city maintenance, waste and recycling, public health and more.

About $21.9M of the draft budget is set to be spent on renewing or replacing existing assets such as kerbs, footpaths, roads and recreational sporting facilities.

During the development of our Strategic Plan in 2020, our community told us they wanted to focus on their foundational needs, and these have been used to determine what new services or assets will be introduced in 2021/22.

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The draft Annual Business Plan provides details on how we will fund the inflationary costs for our existing services, new services and assets, and cost pressures.

Budget breakdown: existing services

The City of Playford provides a wide range of services, programs and infrastructure to meet the needs of our community and to fulfil our legislative requirements.

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  • Public Hearing - 25 May 2021

    Your chance to provide a verbal submission on the Draft Business Plans in the Council Chambers at 7pm on Tuesday 25 May, 2021.

    Submissions may be made in person or online via Zoom

  • Consultation Feedback Assessed - from 30 May 2021

    All feedback received will be logged and considered by Council at an Ordinary Council Meeting following the close of the public consultation period.

  • Consultation Open - from 3 May 2021

    The  28-day public consultation period runs from Monday 3 May to Sunday 30 May 2021.

  • Adoption of the Plans - June 2020

    Following the close of the consultation period on 30 May 2021, Council will consider feedback received before making a final decision at a subsequent meeting.

  • Consultation Closes - 30 May 2021

    The consultation period closes on Sunday 30 May, 2021.

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