2020/21 Draft Business Plans

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  • Rate increase

    • The State Government increased the Waste Levy which must be paid on every tonne of waste Council collects and takes to landfill
    • 0.39% of the increase covers this cost shift from the State Government
    • If we didn’t cover this cost, we would be spending more than we earn, which is against the principles of our strategy to breakeven and become financially sustainable

    What does that mean for you? A 0.45% rates increase is approximately $7* per year increase on rates for a house valued at $242,000.

    This is just one part of our plan - we want to know what you think. Please view all of the plans, and leave your feedback here before 16 June.

    Draft ABP 2020/21: Supporting growth, investing in renewal, and securing our financial future.

    *Please note that the updated valuation data for 2020/21 is yet to be received from the Valuer-General. Therefore figures supplied are estimates only, until 2020/21 rates modelling can be completed.