2020/21 Draft Business Plans

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  • How does this budget help at this difficult time?

    For 2020/21 we have identified over $2.5 million in savings. $1.151 million is ongoing savings and will not only benefit this year’s budget, but also our long term financial sustainability.

    We have also $1.644 million of short term savings measures that this year will be specifically used to offset any rate increase caused by inflation (also known as the General Index).

    These savings have helped us keep this year’s rate increase to a historic low of 0.45%, while still delivering all our existing services as well as introducing 11 new services and maintaining long term financial stability. The majority of the rate increase (0.39%) goes towards covering the Waste Levy – a State Government cost that must be paid on every tonne of waste Council collects and takes to landfill.

    This is just one part of our plan - we want to know what you think. Please view all of the plans, and leave your feedback before 16 June.

    Draft ABP 2020/21: Supporting growth, investing in renewal, and securing our financial future.