2019/20 Draft Business Plans


The Annual Business Plan & Budget outlines the services and programs we will deliver to the community during the coming year.

The Long Term Financial Plan ensures Council can deliver services, maintain assets and achieve our strategic objectives in a financially sustainable manner.

The Asset Management Plans  ensure Council continues to provide effective and comprehensive management of our asset portfolios. Assets include roads, footpaths, sporting grounds, parks, water infrastructure, school and pedestrian crossings and Council buildings. 

If you need help or further information please call our Customer Care team (8256 0333).

What will happen to my feedback?

All feedback will be logged and considered by Council at an Ordinary Council Meeting following the close of the public consultation period.

When will a decision be made?

Following the close of the consultation period on 28 May 2019, Council will consider feedback received before making a final decision at a subsequent Ordinary Council Meeting in June.